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Open Training Series


Join Rethink's recurring open trainings to deep dive into various areas of the Rethink platform, designed to provide ongoing support to users.


Presented by:

Rethink Professional Services Team

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About The Trainings


Rethink trainings will include live demonstrations and best practices shared by our Professional Services team on a variety of topics specific to implementing and utilizing the features of the Rethink platform. See below for a list of training topics and to register for sessions. 

Things to Know:

1. If there are 0 registrants 48 hours prior to the scheduled training start time it will be cancelled.

2. Trainers will remain on a training call for 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. If no attendees log in trainers will log off of the training.

3. If at any point during the live training the attendance drops to 0, the trainer will log off the training.

Clinical Trainings

Skill Acquisition Essentials

Review how to use the program library, add programs to clients, and effectively and efficiently edit programs for data collection.

First Wednesday of the month from 2-3pm EST

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Behavior Support Essentials

Review how to write a behavior support plan. Strong focus on required fields, optional fields, and reviewing BSPs.

Second Wednesday of the month from 2-3pm EST

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Data Collection Essentials

Review how to complete a session on the mobile app, sync sessions, how to find data and session notes on the website, and how to make needed edits to data on the website.

Third Wednesday of the month from 2-3pm EST

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Practice Management Trainings

Reporting - The Basics

Review how to pull reports and the purpose of specific reports within the Rethink platform.

Fourth Wednesday of the month from 11-11:45am EST

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