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Join Rethink Behavioral Health on Thursday, September 7th at 1:00 pm EST for an ABA Start-Up Community webinar with founder and CEO of Behavior Genius, Portia James.

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About This Webinar


Portia James, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Behavior Genius in California, joins the ABA Start-up Community to talk about her journey as a BCBA entrepreneur. Portia will share her experience establishing and growing her company during COVID, discuss her focus on helping other minority behavior analysts launch and grow their own practices, more! Portia will also answer your questions about how to venture into the business side of ABA.

Portia James, BCBA

has been shaking conference room tables for nearly two decades!

A visionary, a powerhouse of a leader, and a pioneer for people of color in her field, Portia shares bold perspectives on the lack of representation for black leadership in the workplace and how it impacts decision-making and strategic execution at the executive level. She is one of few Behavior Analysts to have been featured in both Forbes and Harvard Business Review.

Portia is a sought-after Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Organizational Behavior Management specialist who helps black Behavior Analysts launch and scale companies that thrive. As the founder and CEO of Behavior Genius, she has served hundreds of staff and families impacted by autism.

When she’s not shaking tables and shattering glass ceilings, Portia is a mother, a travel junkie, and a red wine enthusiast.


About Behavior Genius

There is a standard of quality in our industry that minimizes the impact of cultural awareness, humility, and competence on Behavioral outcomes for children with special needs. Behavior Genius® intends to raise the bar on that standard. We are committed to a collective demonstration of diversity, equity, and inclusion that centers on thrivable workspaces, inclusive service delivery models, and meaningful connections to the people in the communities that we serve.

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